What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are natural chemicals found in all insects, animals and humans to dictate sexual behavior.


Similar to animals, human pheromones are naturally produced by our body and function as attractant for the opposite sex, stress reliever and even alteration of menstrual cycle in women.


Pheromones are released through body fluids, like sweat, urine, saliva or similar. Many studies have been done on the production of pheromones in humans reporting that pheromone users got significantly more sexual intercourse, affection, kissing, intimacy and more formal dates.

What Does VNO stand for?

 VNO stands for Vomeronasal Organs. They are 2 small sensory organs located in the nose that operate separately from the part of our nose that detect normal smells. The VNO is used by the body to detect some types of Pheromones, but is not the exclusive pheromone sensing organ many believe it to be. The membranes of the VNO, along with other receptor cells on the main olfactory membrane, are adapted to detect pheromones at low concentrations and to transmit information to the brain/hypothalamus.

Are pheromones just for heterosexuals?

Pheromones are not just for heterosexuals. Pheromones can be used to make you seem and feel more attractive and youthful to those around you regardless of your goals, sexual or otherwise. Whether you are male or female, gay or straight, pheromones can enrich your social life.


How long do they last?


Pheromones hold up much longer than normal cologne, but if you apply them to the body, quite a bit is washed away or broken down in the first 4-6 hours. Actual breakdown time depends VERY much on body heat, sweating, and personal body chemistry. Pherazone lasts 6 hours or greater and can be more in the club, at parties, work, or anywhere else for that matter.

How do you use Pherazone?

 Pherazone is best applied directly on to your skin, on your pulse points (neck, wrist, behind ears). The biggest mistake made by beginners is putting on too much. Because of the concentration of Pherazone, only one spray is necessary. Using more WILL NOT increase the effectiveness. This also gives you more "bang for the buck".

How long does Pherazone last?

 Our pheromones last approximately 4-8 hours when applied on appropriate spots. Compare that to other pheromone brands.

How do I make the most of pheromones?

 Men: Remember that pheromones are tools. It takes a little practice to learn to work with them. Pheromones give you an aura of power, so always look for opportunities to be helpful and supportive of women. It is also very important to be a friendly, interesting, entertaining guy. Pheromones will enhance these good attributes, but if they aren’t there in the first place, there is nothing to enhance.


Women: Be approachable! You don’t necessarily have to make the first move, but be ready to come up with a warm smile and maybe even a cheerful “hello” if you happen to make eye contact with a guy.


Everybody: Practice makes perfect. Don’t wait for Mr. or Ms. perfect to come along before you start acting like a friendly sensual human being.


Start now. People love to be with folks who look like they are having a good time. Women in particular are often looking for someone whose life is headed in a positive direction. Chemistry is only half the picture you give to folks. Humans are more complex/social/spiritual than other animals.

How and where do I apply pheromones?

 For starters, try all the normal perfume spots: wrists, behind the ears, throat, and chest. Next level: inside of elbows and knees if exposed. Women report success with ankles and thighs. Requiring more caution but reportedly very effective for pheromones in the right amounts are: arm pits, hair and pubis. Unscented sprays are often applied to clothing collars and cuffs for long term use. Watch out for over-application and staining of fine material.

How and where do I apply pheromones?

 Both skin and clothing applications are effective in their own way. Due to body heat pheromones applied to the skin evaporate very fast putting them into “effect” very quickly. This may be what you want in some cases, but it also means the active ingredients get used up very quickly. In addition, pheromones applied to the skin also get washed away by sweat and broken down by bacteria on the skin.

What kind of expectations can I have?

 You can expect a lot from high quality concentrated pheromone products like Pherazone. It just takes a little while to get good at using them. Some people might see results instantly, but the majority of people will get better results over time. Pheromones are more of a tool than a magic wand. You have to learn to work with them. What you have there is a top of the line tennis racket. It takes practice to make the most of it.


Tips for men: First of all keep in mind what a high-end pheromone product does. It makes you more attractive in a male sort of a way, more manly, study etc. That is a good thing for attracting most women, but keep in mind that generally you have to look friendly. You have to temper the stud thing with Mr. helpful or you are going to have a hard time breaking the ice with most women.


Tips for women: Be mysterious, be seductive but be approachable. Fear is your worst enemy, both in yourself and in the guys you would like to meet. Help make the “ice” easily broken; be generous with your warm smile and “hello”; then just let the chemistry take its course.

I have tried using various amounts and products, but I did not get any response, what is wrong, or what can I do?

 A. When in doubt, cut back on the pheromones; start light and work up slowly; just one spray of strong spray products is often plenty. Less is often more and your own personal body chemistry dictates what works for you; not the type and amount of pheros that works so well for your roommate.


B. Once you have the stage set for romance, there is still the matter of simply “rolling the dice”. It doesn’t always come up 7, but the pheros will improve your odds. Just relax and enjoy the ride. Everyone wants to be friends with someone who looks like he/she is having a good time. So, “don’t worry, be happy.”

C. Don’t just sit back and wait for the positive reactions to fall in your lap, go and mingle!